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Louisiana District Journal


District Assembly Information

  • Report Forms for the District

    • Helps For Pastors for Annual Meetings:   PDF   WORD
      Contact Information Form:   PDF  WORD
      Annual Pastor’s Reporting Checklist:   PDF    WORD
      Annual Report Minister (NOT Pastoring):   PDF   WORD
      Annual Report Evangelist:   PDF   WORD
      Request for Retirement status WORD

    • Retirees Biography:  PDF
      Supplemental Report Retirees / Unassigned:  PDF

      Steps To Preparation For Ministry:   PDF

    • Qualifications for a District License  PDF
      Application Local Minister’s License:   PDF   WORD
      Local License Credential Verification Form - (online only):  ONLINE
      Application District Minister’s License:   PDF   WORD
      Ordination / Recognition Questionnaire:   PDF   WORD
      Licensed Minister’s Supplemental Questionnaire:  PDF   WORD

      Deceased Church Members Report:   PDF   WORD
      Certificate of Election:   PDF   WORD
      Church Directory for Journal:  PDF   WORD
      Alternate Delegate Election:  PDF
      General Superintendent’s Growth Award:  PDF   WORD

Formas en Español

General Downloads

NazSafe Information

School of Ministry Downloads & Information

For more information on the Louisiana School of Ministry (upcoming classes, dates, etc.) contact David Craig -

For questions regarding upcoming events, contact the District Office -

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